Personal Injury


A personal injury can be a very frightening experience. You may not know which way to turn first. You may not be able to work, and may be experiencing stress, just from the mounting bills, let alone, the injuries themselves. At the Law office of Robert Angelle we handle all cases involving personal injuries. Whether you have been injured due to an automobile or truck accident, pedestrian injury, motorcycle, or boating accident we can handle your case. We believe that the personal attention that you will receive is unmatched. You will deal directly with Attorney Robert Angelle. He answers questions and calls, and is available to the client at all times.

Robert Angelle has a long history of providing great services for clients living in the greater New Orleans area, as well as the North Shore clients. An injury can have a significant impact on not only the victim, but can also have an impact on the lives of family members as well. Robert Angelle is committed to helping you get through the complicated process of an injury, while putting you first, to protect your rights. You should never consider trying to handle complicated situations on your own. You should always first seek the guidance of a seasoned attorney.

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Attorney Robert Angelle can help you recover damages for:

Property damage
Medical bills
Rehabilitative care
Lost income
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